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B.Sc. Emergency/ Trauma Care Management System (TCM)


3 years

B.Sc. Emergency Medical Technology is an Undergraduate Program offered by Yenepoya Institute of Allied Health science. B.Sc. Emergency Medical Technology trains students to become Emergency Paramedics who can provide immediate care and support to patients in emergency situations. Emergency medicine is a critical specialty that focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and managing acute illnesses and injuries affecting patients of all ages, with time being a critical factor.

The B.Sc. Emergency/Trauma Care Management System program trains students in managing emergency and trauma cases, providing them with skills to coordinate with medical teams and manage patient care. Students learn emergency medical procedures, trauma care, patient and crisis management, and communication skills, including the use of advanced medical technologies. Graduates may pursue careers in emergency or trauma care management, medical coordination, or emergency response leadership in various healthcare settings and may opt for further studies in emergency medicine, public health, or healthcare administration.


A candidate who has passed the two years (any stream) of Pre-University Examination conducted by the Pre-University Education Board in the State of Karnataka or any other examination considered as equivalent thereto by University is eligible for admission to these programmes.

Career outcomes

Graduates of the B.Sc. Emergency/Trauma Care Management System program have a diverse range of career options available to them. They may choose to work in management positions overseeing emergency and trauma care operations, or work as medical coordinators managing logistics during emergencies. Graduates may also work as leaders of emergency response teams, providing medical care in emergency departments, critical care units, or ambulances. Additionally, they may work in administrative positions in healthcare organizations, overseeing emergency and trauma care programs and services.

Program USP

The B.Sc. Emergency/Trauma Care Management System program equips students with practical skills and knowledge necessary for emergency and trauma care careers. It emphasizes hands-on learning opportunities, has experienced faculty members, and a focus on advanced medical technologies and equipment. Overall, the program's unique selling proposition is its focus on practical skills and knowledge for emergency and trauma care careers

Program Highlights

The program provides a comprehensive education in emergency and trauma care management, with a focus on practical skills, real-world experiences, and the latest medical technologies and equipment. The experienced faculty and career-focused curriculum can help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue various career opportunities in the healthcare sector. The program's emphasis on hands-on learning opportunities can also help students gain valuable experience and prepare for the challenges of working in emergency and trauma care settings.

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