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M.Sc. Food Technology


2 years

Food technology is the application of science and engineering principles to the processing, preservation, packaging, and distribution of food products. It involves the study of the physical, chemical, and microbiological properties of food and the use of this knowledge to develop new food products, improve existing ones, and ensure their safety and quality.

The scope of the program is vast, and it opens up numerous career opportunities for graduates in the food industry.

M.Sc (Food Technology) is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on the study of food science, food processing, preservation, packaging, and distribution. The scope of the program is vast, and it opens up numerous career opportunities for graduates in the food industry.


  • BSc. in Food technology / Food Science & Nutrition / Microbiology / Biology ( Zoology/Botany) / Bio Chemistry/ Bio Science/ Biotechnology / Home Science / B.Tech (Food technology) - Graduate with 50% mark

Career outcomes

Here are some of the career options available to M.Sc (Food Technology) graduates:

  • Food technologist
  • Food scientist
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Research and development (R&D) manager
  • Food safety officer
  • Product development manager
  • Food packaging technologist
  • Sensory analyst

Program USP

Graduates of the M.Sc. Food Technology program will have a deep understanding of the food industry, technical skills, and practical experience that make them highly employable in the food industry. They will be well-equipped to work in various roles such as food production, quality control, product development, research and development, and regulatory compliance.

Program Highlights

The highlights of the M.Sc. Food Technology program are its focus on hands-on experience through practical training and research projects, and its interdisciplinary approach that combines food science, engineering, and business. Graduates of this program will be well-prepared for careers in the food industry, including food manufacturing, product development, quality assurance, food safety, and regulatory compliance. They will also be equipped with the skills to pursue advanced research in food science and technology.

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