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M.Sc. Anaesthesia and OT Technology (A&OTT)


2 years

The M.Sc. in Anesthesia & OT Technology (A&OTT) is a postgraduate program that trains students in anesthesia and operation theatre (OT) technology. The program covers course such as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, anesthesia techniques, surgical procedures, patient monitoring, infection control, and emergency care. Graduates can work as anesthesia technologists, OT technicians, or surgical assistants in hospitals and clinics, helping anesthesiologists and surgeons during surgical procedures. This program prepares students for a rewarding career in the growing field of healthcare.

The program focuses on preparing students for careers in the healthcare industry. The program covers topics such as anesthesia techniques, equipment and technology, pharmacology, patient care, surgical procedures, and management of operating rooms. Clinical rotations and internships in hospitals and surgical centers provide practical experience. Graduates may work as anesthesia technologists, operating room technicians, anesthesia assistants, or surgical technologists in hospitals, surgical centers, or other healthcare facilities. The program is expected to expand in scope, offering graduates opportunities for career growth and advancement in the field, driven by advancements in technology and an aging population.


  • The students who have passed with a minimum of 50% marks in B.Sc. Anaesthesia / B.Sc. Critical Care from institutions where the mode of study is a full-time program with an internship of 1 year in universities
  • Or
  • 1 year clinical experience is considered equivalent by Yenepoya (Deemed to be) University.
  • Or
  • B. Voc (Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre / Anaesthesia Technology / Operation Theatre Technology) with 1 year of internship or 1 year of working experience in a clinical setting are eligible for MSC Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology program.

Career outcomes

Graduates of M.Sc. in Anaesthesia & OT Technology (A&OTT) program have a range of career opportunities to choose from. Some of the potential job roles include Anaesthesia Technologist, Operation Theatre Technician, Surgical Assistant, Healthcare Educator, and Healthcare Manager/Administrator. Anaesthesia technologists work closely with anaesthesiologists to provide pre-operative and post-operative care to patients. Operation Theatre Technicians ensure the operating room is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment for surgical procedures, while Surgical Assistants provide support to surgeons during surgery. Healthcare Educators can teach and train students and healthcare professionals, and Healthcare Managers/Administrators manage healthcare facilities and ensure that patients receive high-quality care. The growing demand for skilled anaesthesia and operating room professionals creates opportunities for career growth and advancement in the field.

Program USP

The program commonly offers a comprehensive curriculum, practical experience, experienced faculty, various career opportunities, advancements in technology, and research opportunities. The curriculum covers various anesthesia, surgery, and operating room technology topics, while practical training helps students develop their skills. Experienced faculty members bring real-world experience to the classroom, and the program prepares graduates for professional roles such as anesthesia technologists, operating room technicians, anesthesia assistants, or surgical technologists. The program stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, and research opportunities may be available for students to engage in.

Program Highlights

Overall, the M.Sc. in Anaesthesia & OT Technology (A&OTT) program provides students with a solid foundation in the field, practical experience, and a range of career opportunities.

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